2022 NFL Draft: QBs slid because the NFL has an imagination problem

At the present moment, there are roughly 14 quarterbacks in the NFL who are consistently immune from discussions regarding the general idea that their team could stand to upgrade.

Beyond that, it seems the league has reverted into its perpetual state of dusty, barren quarterback wasteland, where the competition for adequate starting talent forces owners and general managers into some twisted plots. This offseason alone, an owner, a recently retired coach and a semiretired quarterback reportedly hatched a scheme to give Tom Brady minority ownership in a franchise and install him under center. Another owner, Jimmy Haslam, approved the pursuit and signing of a quarterback credibly accused of sexual assault or misconduct by 22 women. The Browns were not the only team that pursued Deshaun Watson, but they’re the ones that signed him to the most lucrative contract in the history of the NFL.


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