8 creative skills you can pick up this month!

It’s July! That means, it is time to exclaim in a bittersweet realization of, “half the year has already gone by?!” and wonder what happened to the new-year-new-me resolutions. If 2022 was your year to learn a new hobby and develop new skills, but it didn’t go as planned, it’s not too late to start! What better way to enhance your creative quotient than learning from the experts themselves?

Skillshare has some of the most celebrated creators and many globally renowned creators, including through which you can learn a new skill or master those skills that you own. So, what are we waiting for? These 8 skills are waiting for you to explore:


1. Illustration: Has doodling on the margins of notebooks always been a pastime? Transforming Your Artwork Into Products will give you the right balance of creativity and business to take this joy of illustrating beyond the page to create your own quirky products.

2. Video editing: Reels, stories, shorts, animations, effects – videos surround us. On every social media platform, friends are posting videos showing off their mind-bending editing skills or their trip to the Maldives. If this is giving you FOMO, try and make Incredible Videos for Instagram, YouTube & More.

3. Graphic Design: Interested in making a quirky off-beat poster? Take a shot at learning the basics and exploring a side gig with Graphic Design for Beginners. Learn the Fundamentals of Poster Design, Print Ads and much more.

4. Baking: If baking is not your calling, but you want the glory of homemade treats, say no more! Try and learn simple recipes for desserts from scratch; this will help you learn essential skills that every home baker needs. Walk away with a better understanding of baking by taking up a class.

5. Creative Writing: Want to be a writer but don’t know where to start? Let’s be honest, putting down your ideas into words can be a difficult task. Learn the fundamentals of Creative Writing to strengthen your writing skills, you’ll learn different ways to transform your ideas into a story.

6. Photography: Feel like you take average pictures despite having a cool smartphone? Taking aesthetically pleasing pictures is important during life events such as a baby shower, a wedding, or an anniversary. Try out Photography classes for Instagram and Capture and Share Your Life to take beautiful photos.

7. Music: If you have always wanted to make your own music or recreate your version of a favorite song but don’t know how to start, here’s your chance. A class of Digital Music Production will help you learn not only how to make songs but also become the life of the party!

8. Animation: Taking us back to childhood, from Mickey Mouse to Mowgli, animation has given life to some of our most beloved characters on screen. Are you interested in creating your own illustrations, paintings, or characters into animation? Start with Adobe After Effects and bring your illustrations to life to express your creativity, make the right illustration and design your animation.

Let’s be honest, learning a skill on your own can be intimidating, but learning together with passionate teachers and an online community will open up your mind to more perspectives. It’s never too late to start learning!

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