A vista de pájaro: alianza (Ch.ACO-Gallery Weekend Santiago), nueva temporada (Reina Sofía), bienales (La Habana, Venecia), compras (MALBA, PAMM), nombramientos (Noah Horovitz, Marcelo Dantas), ampliación (MASP ) and more. Actualidad. August 2021

These are the informations located “at vista de pájaro” by our editor and that, as a breviary, we put them at your disposition and interpretation:

-Por primera vez, Ch. ACO y Gallery Weekend Santiago se unen en una red associativa supported by the Ministerio de Economía a través de CORFO. The new alliance aims to promote the internationalization of contemporary Chilean art. “ArteParlante” is the first initiative, which consists of a series of meetings to exchange experiences on current topics of interest. A través de conversatorios online, que iniciarán in September y en los que participarán relevant actors del mundo del arte y otros digitales contenidos como documentales de ARTV y de la serie documental “Gabinete”, busca crear puentes, especially, between Chile, Perú, México and Argentina. In parallel to the realization of these, they will carry out the events Gallery Weekend Santiago 2021 del 29 de septiembre al 3 de octubre y Feria Ch.ACO #12 del 22 al 28 de noviembre.

-El Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid) culminará este otoño la reordenación global de su Colección con la presentación de los Episodes IV, V and VI. Además, dentro del programa expositivo, en septiembre will inaugurate the first retrospective of the influential German photographer Michael Schmidt tras su muerte En noviembre la retrospectiva de la tempranamente fallen artista cubana Belkis Ayón. To complete the exhibition program, an anthological sample of the renowned artist, researcher, commissioner and Spanish editor will be presented Pedro G. Romero y el artista filipino Kidlat Tahimik exhibirá en el Palacio de Cristal a specific project que revisará el impacto del colonialismo en el archipiélago.

-Desde el Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam se han anunciodo las principales novedades de la 14ª Bienal de La Habana. The event, considered the most important of the visual arts in Cuba and one of the most prestigious in the region, changes its structure and usual duration to, for the first time, cover a period of almost six months during which, under the motto “Futuro y Contemporaneidad“, they will go, from November 12 to April 30, 2022, progressively adding experiences that, from theory and artistic practice, will manifest the emancipatory potential of art and culture, as well as their capacity to reflect on it presente y el futuro del planeta.

-Catalunya participará en la 59th edition of the Venice Art Biennialagain, inside the program Eventi Collaterali. As it is tradition, it will be done with a project selected through a call, being this time the chosen one.Llimdel comisario, escritor e investigador catalán Oriol Fontdevila (Manresa, 1978), que tiene como protagonista a la artista mallorquina Lara Fluxà (Palma, 1985). The Catalan presence in the Venice Biennale, which will be inaugurated on April 23, 2022, continues to be produced by Institut Ramon Llull.

-El empresario, coleccionista y fundador del MALBA (Buenos Aires) Eduardo Costantini invested 25 million dollars in new projects in the last year, according to Infobae. “Entre las 21 nuevas aquisiciones hay pinturas de la mexicana Remedios Varo y el cubano Wilfredo Lam, que marcaron precios récordes. La majoria de las piezas estaban en hands privadas y algunas no se exhibían desde hace hace 30 años”, destacan desde el medio latinoamericano. No es la única novedad desde el MALBA, que este septiembre celebra su 20 aniversario, ya que tras la salida reciente de Gabriela Rangel, como directora artística, estária ya buscando un/una nuevo/a candidado/a para el puesto. Also, since June, María Amalia García ejerce como nueva curadora jefe.

-El Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)que debe su nombre al coleccionista y empresario Jorge Pérezannounces the acquisition of 13 new works for his permanent collection, of which 11 are female artists, various with Latin roots, among them, Sonia Gomes, Tania Bruguera,Leda Catunda, Liset Castillo y Coco Fusco. Also, highlight the purchase of “Penetrável Macaléia”, a colorful installation of the legendary Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica. According to the note issued by the institution directed by Franklin Sirmans: “Las nuevas aquisiciones underscore the lasting commitment of PAMM to highlight the underrepresented artists of the Latinx experience of the United States, the African diaspora, América Latina and the Caribbean”.

Noah Horowitzwho, last July, surprised strangers and owns, leaving his post of director for the Americas of the fair Art Basel y de máximo responsible de Art Basel Miami Beach, después de seis años, he will start, starting from September, a trabajar para la casa de auctions Sotheby’s como Responsable mundial de servicios de galería y private dealers. La salida unexpected de Art Basel de Horowitz, a quien manyos pointed out as the natural heir of the global director, el también estadounidense Marc Spieglerya hay quienes la califican, como Nate Freeman, en su nueva columna True Colors en Vanity Fair, como “un cambio radical en todo el firmamento del mercado del arte”.

-El brasileño Marcello Dantas ha asumido recentente la curaduria de SFER IK Museion (México), a project driven by the Argentine entrepreneur and collector Eduardo Neira “Roth”who is also the CEO and founder of the initiative AZULIK Uh May (Tulum, Mexico). Dantas will be the chief curator of the 13th edition of the Mercosul Biennialwhich will take place in Porto Alegre (Brasil), in 2022.

-El Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand – MASP announces the construction of a new building of fourteen floors that will provide the institution with approximately 6,945 additional m2 of space (sumando un 66% más de área expositiva). The architectural project is co-authored by Júlio Neves with METRO Arquitetos Associados, partners Martin Corullon and Gustavo Cedroni. The project, which will be an independent structure united underground to the iconic building designed by Lina Bo Bardi in 1968 on Avenida Paulista, will be named Pietro Maria Bardi (first artistic director of MASP), will cost 33.3 million dollars. que se financierán integramente con donaciones de particulares, según Heitor Martins, director-president del museo; y se espera que esté terminado en January 2024.

– The Portuguese artist Pedro Cabrita Reis (Lisboa, 1956) ha sido invitado por “el Museo del Louvre to realize a sculpture in the gardens of the Tulleries with the motive of the season of joint commissions Portugal – France 2022. The inauguration is scheduled for February 2022 as part of the official program of opening of the season”, according to information from Atelier Pedro Cabrita Reis.

– In the year I turn 18, A Gentil Carioca (Río de Janeiro) expands its activities in São Paulo and opens its new exhibition space in the town Travessa Dona Paula. La galería llega a São Paulo con la colectiva “Bum bum Paticundum Prugurundum”, con Aleta Valente, Ana Linnemann, Ernesto Neto, Jarbas Lopes, José Bento, Laura Lima, Maxwell Alexandre, OPAVIVARÁ!, Renata Lucas y Vivian Caccuri, entre otros artistas .

– The 2nd of September was inaugurated Arte 92 en el número 8 de la céntrica calle madrileña Blanca de Navarra. “A unique space that questions the schemas of the canonical art gallery, with the ultimate objective of offering the public a complete aesthetic experience. For this, a consecrated work of art will be erected as a vehicle that sheds light on contemporary artistic practice”. señalan sus responsables The first exhibition: “Una farfalla nello spazio”, will have as central piece ‘Concetto Spaziale’. Teatrino’, realized by Lucio Fontana en 1968. A partir de ella, dialogarán obras de cuatro artistas americanos contemporáneos: Erica Mahinay, Melvin Martinez, JPW3 y Wendy White.

-Nace el Museo de Arte Latinoamericano (MALa), the first Latin crypto-art museum and the first NFT platform focused on the new digital art forms emerging in the continent. “It is a constantly evolving exhibition that will count with the participation of 100 outstanding artists. MALa is a space that connects Latin American artists with collectors from all over the world,” their managers explain.

Galería Leme (São Paulo) pone en marcha Leme NFT“a project conceived with the objective of producing and promoting digital art, as well as developing this growing market. Representing artists with experience in the digital environment, the project sells works of art in NFT format, and seeks to position itself as a new form of housing and strengthening the work of artists and this form of production”, they explain from this gallery with more than 15 years of experience.

– The Council of Ministers of the Government of Spain has approved the creation of the Comisión Interministerial para el Desarrollo del Estatuto del Artista, which will give this collective a “stable legal framework adapted to the particularities of artistic performance”, according to the Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte in a communique. In addition, the Council of Ministers, at the proposal of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, has approved the lease contract of the Colección Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza por un periodo de 15 años con un valor estimado de 97.5 M. de Euros, according to the note issued by the Ministerio.

-Llega un nuevo festival a Catalunya, el Missonny Art Festivalan event organized by Maison Kirchnerdel joven promotor mexicano Sonny Kirchner (Puebla), que, del 4 al 5 de septiembre, reunirá en Mas Sorrer (Gualta, Girona) a 38 international artists of very different styles and careers. Los assistants can enjoy the works of artists like Bibiana Domit, Natalia Politowa, Karla de Lara, Albert Madaula, Javier Montesol, Sarah Main, Federico Kampf, Aldo Comas, Gisela Talita, Juliana Plexxo, Simón Cruz, among others.

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