AAA expects record travel numbers over July 4th weekend

MASS. – The hike in gas prices isn’t keeping travelers from taking their summer getaway trips, according to AAA.

Whether it’s by plane, train or car, people are still willing to spend the extra money on a vacation. AAA predicts 47.9 million people will travel 50 miles or more from home over the holiday weekend, an increase of 3.7% over 2021.

But the high gas prices are affecting where people go and what they do when they get there.

AAA said more people are picking destinations that do not require a lot of driving once you get there.

So whether you’re looking for kind of an all-inclusive vacation where you can fly in and then you’re staying there for the week or people are traveling to major cities where even if they are driving in, they can park their car and exploring their destination through other forms of travel, ‚ÄĚChuck Nardozza, managing director of travel sales of AAA Northeast, said.

The busiest travel times in Massachusetts over the holiday weekend are expected to occur on Thursday, June 30 on Interstates 93, 95 and the Massachusetts Turnpike, according to AAA. The worst time to travel will be Thursday and Friday afternoons when travelers heading to their destinations mix with commuters heading home for the weekend.

AAA said drivers should expect similar gas prices through the summer with relief, hopefully, coming in the fall.


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