Amazon customer receives bag of teabags wrapped in a 43ft of packaging

AN AMAZON customer was left baffled after ordering a bag of teabags that arrived wrapped up in a 43ft stream of protective packaging.

Jacqui Tierney captured a video to show the vast amount of cardboard paper that was added into her box of Yorkshire Tea teabags last week.

The brown paper is shown laying on the linoleum kitchen floor and reaching right along the hallway and back again.

Jacqui, from Cheshire, branded the amount of packaging as “ridiculous” and believes it to be a waste of paper and cardboard.

She contacted Amazon on social media who thanked her for bringing it to their attention and said they would pass the information over to their packaging team.

Jacqui’s post on Facebook read: “Can you please tell me why your staff have to use this amount of paper to send me 1,000 tea bags and a box that was ridiculously large for it. It’s a waste of paper and cardboard.”

Amazon responded: “Hello, Jacqui. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

“We’re always looking for ways to improve, and appreciate hearing from our customers. We’ve relayed this information to the Packaging team for review.”

Speaking today, Jacqui said: “I was very angry as it was a very bad waste of paper and cardboard.

“I know they have smaller boxes that they could have put them [tea bags] in, there is no excuse to use a box that big.

“We ordered the tea bags and some other things which came in a different box but the tea bags came in that big box.

“I just think it is disgusting how much they waste when sending items as there is no need for this.

Jacqui claims the wrapping was over 43ft long.

“It was about 43.5ft long.

“I know the owner has money but does he not care about how much his staff are wasting when sending out these items to people.

“I think he needs to have a look at this and find out how he can stop wasting so much material and help our environment.”

This is not the first time the company has been slammed over their packaging.

In May, customer Jan Tullick could not believe her eyes when a 6ft-long box arrived at her home in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear – containing just a gardening tool.

Amazon state on their website: “Packaging plays a critical role in the customer delivery experience, and we are committed to delivering products safely and sustainably.

“Since 2015, we’ve invested in materials, processes, and technologies that have reduced per-shipment packaging weight by 38% and eliminated over 1.5 million tons of packaging.”

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