Amazon’s bestselling makeup sponge is the perfect Beautyblender dupe — on sale for under $2 each

A trusty sponge is a makeup bag staple. If you aren’t willing to shell out twenty bucks for the Beautyblender real deal, the stellar Beakey makeup sponge set will do the trick for a fraction of the name brand’s cost. In fact, Amazon’s bestselling Beakey sponges will cost you as little as $8 for five (originally $11), which is less than half the price of one Beautyblender.

Beakey sponges are suitable for wet and dry use and they are the right shape for any type of makeup application. Having five makeup sponges ensures that you don’t transfer products across your whole face, and you can use them to apply all different types of liquid and cream makeup.

“These sponges have completely taken the place of Beautyblenders for me,” one of the nearly 64,000 reviewers who gave them five stars. “They are so much cheaper and come in a pack of 5. They work just as well, if not better.”

The Beakey sponges come in an assortment of fun colors or you can choose a set in your favorite shade.

Another reviewer echoed this sentiment and said these are “1000% times better than the original.” She also shared: “Easy to clean. Doesn’t absorb your product excessively. Gives good, even coverage. And they come in cute colors. They also last a long while. Others I’ve used break down pretty quickly. These hold up and perform well from day one to day 90. Great deal and great product.”

Want to learn how to use this bestselling sponge? Check out this video featuring beauty expert Sandra Vergara.

You can get five makeup sponges for less than $10.  (Credit: Yahoo Lifestyle)

You can get five makeup sponges for less than $10. (Credit: Yahoo Lifestyle)

Sandra demonstrates how to create a natural glow using the Beakey sponges. “I just put it on my hand, pass it to the neck — you don’t want to look like you have a mask. Sometimes I like to seal it by wetting it a little bit. Water makes it blend really well. I love these sponges because it gets in every single corner.”

Sandra Vergara uses these makeup sponges to apply all of her makeup.  (Credit: Yahoo Lifestyle)

Sandra Vergara uses these makeup sponges to apply all of her makeup. (Credit: Yahoo Lifestyle)

Moving onto concealer, she shows that it just takes a few light dabs to blend completely. “Don’t press too hard, you don’t want to remove the product from the skin,” she says. For blush and highlighter, she keeps the sponge dry. “You put the blush on the apples of your cheeks. Then highlighter above the cheeks, on the bridge of the nose, the upper lip and a little bit on the chin,” she says. “You could use the sponge for both highlighter and blush, but just make sure you do the blush first.”

She completes the look with a touch of bronzer, starting at the ear. “That’s it guys — that’s my secret.”

Ready to try it out yourself?

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The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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