Amber Heard is most likely going to lose her trial vs Johnny Depp, here’s why

Amber Heard might end up losing the trial against Johnny Depp after all, we will offer a number of reasons why there’s a good chance she won’t come out on top after these six weeks. Even before the trial started, there were numerous attempts from her legal team to dismiss the trial because they already knew how much evidence against the actress was piled up.

But Johnny Depp is determined to see off this entire trial until the very end, especially with how much Amber Heard pursued putting him in jail for a crime he claims he never committed. All those tapes that paint a better picture oof their relationship are too much to handle for Amber Heard’s defense, Johnny truly kept all the receipts. We are only two weeks away from the final verdict and so far, Heard is losing the trial without question.

Amber Heard’s teal attempts to dismiss the trial.

Tuesday’s actions should tell you all you need to know about how confident Amber Heard’s legal team are of winning this trial. They made a feeble attempt to dismiss it on poor bases that we will play for you on a recent video. After hearing their reasons, the judge simply denied their motion and demanded for the trial to get all six weeks that were scheduled.

There is one specific fear that Amber Heard’s defense has for the final days of the trial. It’s perhaps the most obvious reason for them to attempt to dismiss the trial and the most laughable. If they get their way, Johnny Depp won’t get to win his credibility back in front of the entire world.

Amber Heard still must testify.

Just in case you were wondering why hasn’t Amber Heard represented in front of court, the answer is very simple. Her defense legal team is trying to make her appearance in court the last event that happens during this trial. In short, there are reports of the legal team fearing what can happen if the actress goes on the stand to say her version of what happened.

They fear she will get completely lost and effectively lies while taking the stand. If this happens, she might commit perjury and make things even worse for her. You need to keep in mind that the entire ‘Me Too’ movement is dangling in the air, it will lose a huge deal of credibility if Amber Heard is destroyed by Johnny Depp’s lawyers.


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