An exciting first day at Musikfest | Entertainment News

BETHLEHEM, Pa. – It’s gentlemen! Friday is day one of Musikfest in Bethlehem, and everyone is excited.

“I’m really looking forward to experiencing what Musikfest is really like,” says first-time Musikfester Jonathan.

“It’s really amazing,” says Thomas Lee. “It’s really something you can enjoy for the summer months.”

This event has been going on every summer for 39 years.

And even though Musikfest runs for eleven days, some ‘festers are more dedicated than others and were super eager to be there on the first day.

Some of the more dedicated music lovers even showed up before the vendors opened.

“I came in at 11 am and people were already here. They asked if they could get food yet,” says Janet Reilly with Theo’s Gyros.

This year there are over 500 musical performances across the 11-day event, giving a little something for everyone to enjoy.

“I heard it was a good music lineup and I’m excited to see it,” says Brelyn Friedman.

“Oh, I like my music. I like my polka music, and I like other music as well,” says Lee.

It’s still early, but we can already tell spirits are high here in downtown Bethlehem. The heat, and possible rain Friday night, aren’t stopping anyone from enjoying opening day.

“I’m hootin’, hollerin’, and kickin’, but don’t get too close because I kick high,” says Lee.


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