an immersive, multiuser and multidisciplinary learning model

This solution, based on the technology of virtual reality and developed together with the specialist inMediaStudio, offers a different experience in the formation of students to assimilate content, observe and interact with elements and motivation, all supervised by the professor.

Punctual in its appointment with SIMO Education (in the present 2016 edition with a stand much bigger and better located in pavilion 12 of Ifema) Samsung was one of the first manufacturers to show its technological proposal for this environment on the first day of the competition , centrada en la solution de aprendizaje immersivo Virtual School Suitcase.

“Virtual reality opens many opportunities in the educational field, both for the motivation it produces in students and for the help it offers to assimilate and fix content in learning, and everything is under the control of the teacher”, explained David Alonso, area de B2B de Samsung España.

Samsung Simo Education 2016Developed in collaboration with the virtual reality software specialist inMediaStudio, the Samsung Virtual School Suitcase solution offers an immersive learning model based on the multi-user experience, with multidisciplinary virtual content and tutored by the teacher at all times.

For this, each student uses Gear VR glasses from this manufacturer, with which they can observe, explore and interact with the elements that are shown; a Wi-Fi access point; The application of virtual reality content that is displayed in these devices, which also monitors the process and provides learning data in real time developed by inMediaStudio, as well as a Samsung tablet from which the teacher controls this learning “more immersive, participatory and emocional”, assures Alonso.

Samsung Simo Education 2016The contents that are shown “have been adapted to the different educational stages and current curricular contents, in a project that we have developed in collaboration with professors and experts, and there are Spanish schools that are putting them into practice successfully, since the professor you can move the classroom to virtually and immersively explore the marine environment; el antiguo Egipto,…”, points out Jesús Martín, responsible for education at Samsung Spain.

In fact, the company shows in SIMO Educación 2016 a first prototype in which the students are immersed in a secondary school curriculum about the marine world.

Samsung Simo Education 2016As explained by inMediaStudio, “we have developed microcontents, of about fifteen minutes of duration, with this prototype, which are a complement to the curricular discipline. Through an app, the professor can control this immersive experience from a tablet and obtain data from each student in real time to evaluate them and assist them in their learning”.

As for the hardware, the system has sensors to offer a more fluid experience, with a wide field of vision, lower latency and more durability, whose core is a premium Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a Super Amoled screen.

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