Attorney, Family of Man Injured While in New Haven Police Custody to Hold News Conference – NBC Connecticut

A civil rights attorney who represented the family of George Floyd will be in New Haven Friday with the family of a man who was seriously injured while being transported by New Haven police in June to hold a news conference and attend a march.

Richard (Randy) Cox was injured when his head slammed into the wall of a police van when a police officer maneuvered to avoid a crash in the area of ​​Division Street and Mansfield Street on June 19.

Five officers have since been placed on leave.

Cox is partially p[aralyzed and attorney Ben Crump said last month that Cox could hardly move anything from his chest down and was communicating by blinking his eyes and moving his head.

On Thursday, officials in New Haven announced changes in the policy for transporting people in police custody.

“Seeing Mr. Cox in his condition really brings home why it’s so important for us to take action to correct what happened,” New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker said.

“As the chief, I want my officers to know, yes, you can make mistakes, but you can’t treat people inhumanely,” the newly sworn-in police chief, Karl Jacobson, said.

Crump and Cox’s family will hold a news conference at 11 a.m. before meeting with the Department of Justice, according to a news release from Crump’s office.


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