‘Avatar’ Made Sam Worthington Re-Imagine His Acting Skills

‘Avatar’ Made Sam Worthington Re-Imagine His Acting Skills – Hollywood Outbreak

Sam Worthington as Jake Sully in Twentieth Century Fox’s AVATAR. Photo by Mark Fellman. © 2009 Twentieth Century Fox. All Rights Reserved.

With its motion-capture technology and extensive CGI, the original Avatar was truly a leap forward in filmmaking — nobody had ever seen anything quite like it. And, significantly for the actors, nobody had ever done anything quite like it. Working on James Cameron’s set, Sam Worthington told us, was an entirely new experience, and what he remembers most about it was how he and his castmates were constantly trying to do things that were almost beyond imagination. (Click on the media bar below to hear Sam Worthington)

The re-release of Avatar is now playing in theaters.

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