Away luggage UK: Cabin bags and larger suitcases reviewed

Away luggage has swiftly grown popular among travelers since it first arrived in the UK in 2015. But with a hefty price tag, are their bags worth the investment?

<p> Away luggage UK: Cabin bags and larger suitcases reviewed </p>
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Away luggage UK: Cabin bags and larger suitcases reviewed

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But if you’ve hesitated when hovering over the ‘add to basket’, wondering whether you need an Away bag when you could pick up something plastic and less pricey on Amazon, we’ve reviewed their most popular items so you can discern whether they ‘re the right purchase for you.

Away – the brand

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Don’t worry – the notion of ‘brand values’ makes us cringe internally, we’re not going to get into too much corporate jargon here. However, if you’re considering Away you are likely curious how they’ve become so popular within the weathered traveling community – and why owning an Away bag seems to lend you ‘traveling street cred’.

In short – they’re just really good. The bags are made to be easy to pack, with intuitive design and features. The sizes, for example, of the cabin bags are airline compliant but have a large internal capacity and clever packing pockets. The materials the bags are made of are sturdy and durable yet lightweight. Also, they look sleek and elegant.

(Having suffered the ignominy of having our old suitcase break its ahead of coming out of the luggage conveyor, and subsequently spray our clothing and intimates everywhere when we tried to pluck it off, we’ve learned through embarrassing experience why sturdy luggage is worth shelling out for).

In addition to a spectrum of sizes depending on your requirements, they come in a rainbow of colors, and you are able to buy accessories to further their flexibility, from packing cubes, to garment sleeves, all designed to fit perfectly into Away luggage.

The smaller carry-on bags come with an ejectable portable charger – the type of wizardry that’s incredibly useful when you’re anxious about your phone dying mid-flight – and mid-podcast listen.

Each bag comes with a black leather luggage tag, international travel plug adapters, durable handle, hidden laundry bag section, 360-degree spinner wheels, and a combination lock. Oh, and a lifetime warranty – so they’re a life-long purchase. Those hefty price-tags are starting to make sense now, aren’t they?

Away: Key Specs

  • Suitcases sizes available: Carry-On, Medium and Large bags with variations of each
  • Luggage type: Soft and hard suitcases, accessories, travel bags
  • Weight: 3.2kgs to 6.41kgs, depending on suitcase type and size
  • Capacity: 39.8L to 106L, depending on suitcase type and size
  • Warranty: Life-time warranty offered on suitcases
  • Colors: Four to 16, depending on the suitcase
  • Smart options: Removable battery for on-the-go charging included on some Carry-On styles
  • Personalization: Can have name monogrammed on luggage tag or body of luggage
  • Accessories: Additional travel accessories, such as backpacks, pet carriers, toiletry bags and more

Away Luggage Pros and Cons at a Glance

Crowd-leading wheel technology – sturdy, roll smoothly, absorb shock, and durable.

Carry-on cases come with rechargeable batteries that are removable from the outside, even if the case is zipped up – very handy for if you place your carry-on in the overhead compartment or check it in last minute.

The hard-shelled suitcases are not expandable, so you can’t pack extra souvenirs into your case if it’s already full. Consider – do you come back from holiday with more goodies than you left? The soft-sided Away suitcases are your best option.

Though they’re very good, the 360-degree swivel wheels don’t lock. Be careful on moving walkways or down slopes that the bags don’t get away from you!

Alternatives to Away

We tested Away’s most popular pieces of luggage and accessories – here’s the breakdown

The Bigger Carry-On with USB Charger

The Bigger Carry-On with USB Charger

Away the Carry-On Suitcase

Away The Carry On Suitcase

KEY SPECS: Size: 55.1 cm x 34.8 cm x 22.9 cm

245 for purchase without USB charger.

As above, but not, as you’d imagine, as big. Worth it if you are a light packer who wants to avoid checking your bag in.

“This is a good hard case option that comes with 360 degree spinner wheels that work well, a variety of pleasing color options and clever features we were really impressed by.

It has a hidden laundry bag inside the bag itself, for keeping dirty and clean clothes separate, and an ejectable USB charger with slots to charge your devices up to four times on a single cycle.

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Away the Medium

Away The Medium

Away’s the Cosmetics Bag

Away’s the Cosmetics Bag

Away’s The Everywhere Bag

Away’s The Everywhere Bag
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