Blue iguana stows away to George Town

  • Cayman News Service

(CNS): Members of the public were quick to spot that an iguana wandering around a parking lot in the industrial area of ​​George Town was not a member of the invasive greens but one of Cayman’s rare and iconic blues. Surprised to see the animal so far from its usual habitat, they called the Department of Environment.

Terrestrial Research Officer Simone Williams responded to the call along with Iguana Researcher and RSPB Biosecurity Officer Tanja Laaser, who confirmed it was a large adult male blue iguana whose tag confirmed he was from the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

Officials said they believe the iguana hitched a ride with a Botanic Park vehicle that had arrived at the location in the Industrial Park about an hour before it was discovered.

“Luckily, the large blue had a safe ride to town, was swiftly captured and returned to the park without any injury,” the DoE said in social media posts. “In this case, the blue iguana was quickly detected and didn’t get too far from its native habitat, but this is an excellent example of how easily stowaways can travel unnoticed. Many thanks to the staff from the business who immediately reported the animal to DoE and to all our ‘fast responders’ working to keep our animals and islands safe.”

To report an incident relating to Cayman’s native wildlife call the DoE on 949-8469.

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