Book By Single Mother Explores Confusing, Awkward Questions Of Parenthood

A new book by sexuality educator Reema Ahmad explores questions relating to sexual awareness, abuse, adult relationships and other serious, but often ignored, aspects of parenthood from a single mother’s perspective.

The book, “Unparenting: Sharing Awkward Truths with Curious Kids”, explores newer ways of bringing up children — “ways that nurture their sense of innocence and curiosity while giving them the freedom to choose their own truths”.

Inspired by her own awkward journey as a confused single parent, Ahmad has addressed topics of sexuality and sexual awareness that are often brushed under the carpet by parents in general.

“I have witnessed through my son how curious and sensitive children can be. And no one really teaches us how to handle these qualities with care and gentleness, how to let them flourish and grow wild rather than squish them with shame.

“In this book, I have attempted to hold the many awkward and outrageous questions my son has asked me over the years with a lightness that was difficult to achieve, but very rewarding in how it ensured closeness between us,” she said in a statement .

According to publishers Penguin Random House India (PRHI), “Unparenting” is a compilation of “deeply personal, engaging and often humorous” essays. The book is available for pre-order on online stores.

(With PTI inputs)


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