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Life can be tricky if you don’t know how to handle it, but if you have the book What Would The Mighty Thor do? in your hands, it might not be that tricky at all.

This book tells you how the god of thunder would respond if he had to do something as ‘catastrophic’ as dealing with a sibling, having a difference of opinion, or choosing a pet. Sometimes the results in his case are hilarious, but they would teach you a thing or two about life, and if anyone could learn a couple of lessons from these pages, this book would fulfill its aim.

We all need a little guidance in our lives, and this new series provides us with that, from the perspective of our favorite superheroes. If The Mighty Thor can survive a life and death situation like forgetting names, dealing with failure, and knowing your strengths, then ordinary mortals like you out there can do it too.

This book educates the readers that life can be grueling even if you have superpowers, but simple steps can solve any problem, no matter how big or small it might seem at first. From fashion to haircare to making friends, this book gives you the ‘Thor’ perspective, which wasn’t known to many before, because he is usually busy saving his world and ours. Now that he has some free time on his hand, he lets you know how he would navigate life, with sheer panache.

The illustrations in these pages are worth every penny, since they mostly show Thor doing something that saves the world or the people around him, while the text is simple, but understandable. The book explains to you that you don’t have to take everything literally, and that’s why whatever solution Thor has for his issues, the readers must look at the big picture.

When he says that one shouldn’t use thunder to charge a phone, he means that one should simply ask a friend for a charger instead of doing something stupid; he tells the readers that man is not a place but the people you love, besides other things.

His views on exercising and staying fit, eating healthy food, getting lost, and cleaning the house are something that parents tell their children too, but then parents don’t save the world every day, hence if Thor says something, people listen.

Written in the form of a comic strip, What Would The Mighty Thor do? is a superhero’s guide to everyday life, and it can teach you a thing or two as well. Not only does it tell the readers how the mjolnir-wielding superhero sees the world, but also how he would deal with the problems that are part and parcel of an average person’s life.

Published in Dawn, Young World, September 24th, 2022

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