Bridgeport hosts citywide yard sale

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. (WDTV) – The Bridgeport city yard sale took place Saturday. Saturday marked another year of Bridgeport’s annual yard sale.

Over 100 houses were registered to participate in the sale. There were also food vendors lined up so you could shop and eat.

Bob Pastorik of Knights of Columbus says this is great for people who want to donate items to the poor and charities.

“People who come out today we would like to see them donate stuff and or buy things. It’s all a donation. Everything we raise goes back to the poor. All our stuff is free labor. We do it for the charities.

There is a negative side to the city-wide yard sale. An increase in traffic. There are also digital signs telling you to slow down.

Extra police patrol is also conducted. One thing about the yard sale that Pastorik likes is that it brings the community together.

“The Knights of Columbus is a 142-year-old organization. They have a local agenda which means you want to give back to the local community. They have an international agenda where you can give money overseas. We elected as a council to keep our stuff local because there is a need. People come to us and say they need help. We do what we can.”

Some residents make it a two-day event by starting on Friday.

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