Broncos off to ‘good start’ in the 2022 NFL Draft, adding a pair of impact players and three picks

The Broncos will look for Bonitto to get stronger to help set the edge in the run game, but he was a prized addition – one that the Broncos almost traded up to acquire.

“We were tempted, and we had a lot of conversations,” Paton said. “It just worked out. We didn’t have to trade up. We were really close – we were on the clock. We had a pretty good deal, but there were three or four players we liked. And so we waited it out. “

Paton said the Broncos also considered trading up for Dulcich, but the team initially traded back five spots from the 75th-overall pick. When he remained available at No. 80, Denver called in the pick.

“From a tight end standpoint, those guys are always the most unique dynamic guys out on the field because they can do so many different things,” Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett said. “I think when you have a guy who can stretch the field like he can, I think it’s really exciting.”

Dulcich, who caught 10 touchdowns over the last two seasons, will join a tight end room that includes Albert Okwuegbunam and Eric Tomlinson.

The Broncos’ haul, though, can only be measured with the draft capital also considered. Denver now holds eight picks on Day 3, and the Broncos added a pick for the 2023 draft. Prior to Friday, Denver held just four picks in 2023; now, the Broncos own a pair of third-round picks, which will be their first selections of the draft.

As the Broncos aim to gain flexibility for next season, Paton and Co. may not be done making trades.

“It was critical,” Paton said of adding a 2023 pick. “And we may do that tomorrow as well, try to add for next year. We have five [picks], we had four. We’ll keep doing that. “

In totality, the Broncos’ combination of players and picks formed a solid foundation for the beginning of Denver’s 2022 draft class.

“A successful draft [would be] just getting good quality players that fit this culture, “Paton said.” Smart, tough, physical football players that love to play the game, and we talk about that lot. And we want talented football players, we want good people off the field. We need depth. Obviously we want starters, but we want good, quality, young depth. So I think we have a chance to do that. We’re off to a good start, and tomorrow we’re looking forward to the eight picks. “

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