Buffalo Bills offensive trio ranked third in NFL by CBS Sports

The Buffalo Bills’ offensive trio is ranked third in the league recently by CBS Sports

The Buffalo Bills had one of the best offenses in the NFL last year and one of the reasons they were great was the depth they had, particularly at wide receiver. However, they wouldn’t have been nearly as good if it wasn’t for Josh Allen being one of the top quarterbacks in the league and Stefon Diggs continuing to play like a number one wide receiver.

Towards the end of the season though, Devin Singletary stepped in as the lead running back and gave this offense more balance. This just made it tougher on opposing defenses to try and slow this group down and keep them off the scoreboard.

CBS Sports ranks the Buffalo Bills trio third in the NFL

Recently, CBS Sports put together their list of top offensive trios, which includes quarterback, running back, and then the top pass catcher (which could be either wide receiver or tight end). The development of Singletary in the second half was what really helped this group be ranked where they were.

Allen still has some head-scratching games every once in a while, but man, when he puts it all together it is absolutely exhilarating. His performance down the stretch of the season and especially in the playoffs was remarkable, and he has firmly solidified himself as one of the few quarterbacks who can seemingly sustain a top-flight offense all on his own. Even while his connection with Diggs was a little bit off line last year, they still formed one of the league’s most productive duos. And Singletary’s emergence as the lead back over the second half of the season gives Buffalo a bit more clarity at the position, even while rookie James Cook may take some of the passing-down work due to his facility in that area.

The rankings at CBS Sports polled a number of writers and created averages to determine their rankings. The top two teams, Los Angeles Chargers and Cincinnati Bengals, had almost identical averages at 1.8 and 1.9, with the Bills a little further behind at 3.3.

It is notable that the next team after the Buffalo Bills was the Kansas City Chiefs, who was almost as far behind Buffalo as the Bills were to the Top 2 teams with the Chiefs’ average at 4.5.

It is also worth noting that the Top 4 teams on these rankings are all in the AFC which is just another example of how good the conference is going to be this year, which certainly creates challenges for Buffalo as they try to reach the Super Bowl. However, as long as they have Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and Devin Singletary they will certainly have a good chance.

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