Carles S.: Un pederasta reincidente sale de prisión sin vigilancia y con un caso pendiente | Catalonia

Carles S., the pederasta re-incidente detained last August for abusing girls in Sant Vicenç de Castellet (Barcelona) while he was on probation, has been released definitively from prison after completing the sentence, without the justice having fixed even measures to keep him under vigilance

Según han informado a Efe fuentes cercanas al caso, el pederasta, que cumplía condena en la cárcel de Lledoners de Sant Joan de Vilatorrada (Barcelona), no tenía una ingreso en presión preventivea por los abusos que presumantamente comitió en Sant Vicenç, given que el juez de instrucción descartó decretarla, pese a que así lo había lo había solicitatola particular accusación.

Carles S. has fulfilled today the penalty of 14 years in prison – with seven years and seven months of maximum prison time – that the Audiencia de Barcelona imposed on him in 2015 for sexually abusing four minors in Terrassa (Barcelona), with the que se da por liquidada su condena

The pedophile also has an accessory penalty of seven years of supervised release, although the justice system has not yet determined with what mechanisms it will ensure that it is under control – which could include a pulse with location to a police supervision -, because de momento no tiene ninguna medida imposed. Carles S. was on probation -a la que se puede acceder tras cumplir en prisión tres cuartas partes de la pena- when last month of August he was detained accused of abusing new girls in the municipal piscina of Sant Vicenç de Castellet ( Barcelona).

The Departamento de Justicia revoked the conditional freedom of the pederasta, at the same time that a court in Manresa (Barcelona) opened an investigation into the new sexual abuses committed, although it did not agree to his entry into preventive prison for this cause and fixed only periodic appearances in el juzgado.

While the surveillance measures for the pederast are resolved, the Department of Justice has contacted the Barcelona Fiscal Office, as the competent body in these cases, to warn them that Carles S. presents an “elevated risk of recidivism” and inform him de los detalles del caso In addition, they have informed the public ministry that Carles S. will move to live in what is known as a “recurso residential de la comunidad”, thanks to an entity that welcomes him, according to sources from the Department of Justice.

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Carles S. was arrested last month of August after the parents of some minors reported to the police that they had won the trust of the girls in the municipal swimming pool of Sant Vicenç and, with the excuse of making them tickle, they had made them tocamientos and intentado entrar a los costumerios donde se cambiaban..

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