Center-State science conclave. We did not celebrate works of scientists properly, says PM

Accomplishments of Indian scientists during the last century were not “celebrated” adequately, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while virtually inaugurating a Centre-State Science Conclave at Gujarat Science City on Saturday.

Naming Indian scientists like CV Raman, Jagdish Chandra Bose, Satyendra Nath Bose, Meghnad Saha and S Chandrasekhar who came up with innovations in the last century, Modi said, “We did not celebrate the work of our scientists as much as it should have been done. Due to this, a large part of our society remained indifferent to science.”

“When we celebrate the achievements of our scientists, science becomes a natural part of our society. It becomes part of the culture. The celebration of all small and big achievements of Indian scientists will create a leaning towards science and will help us in this Amrit Kal,” he added.

Modi said that the government’s investment in science and technology has risen since 2014. “Our government is moving forward with science-based development. Since 2014, investments in the science and technology sector have also increased. Due to the efforts of the government, today India is at the 46th position in the global innovation index. In 2015, India was in the 81st position. We have progressed to 46th place in such a short period. But we should not stop here. We have to go forward,” he said.

The Prime Minister pointed out that a record number of patents and innovations are happening in India. “The wave of startups in the country shows how fast the change is happening,” he said.

Asking state governments to focus on innovation to find solutions to local problems, Modi said, “The technology used in the Himalayas need not be equally effective in the Western Ghats. Deserts and coastal areas have their own problems… It is important that every state creates a modern policy connected with science, innovation and technology.”

He said state governments should adopt good science curriculum being taught in neighboring states and create infrastructure to promote science and technology.


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