Common spices to keep ants away as flying ant day looms – ‘they hate the smell’

Chris Bonnett, founder of GardeningExpress, said: “Most of us enjoyed the heatwave but while we were making the most of the sun, a storm was brewing. There is no specific day for flying ant day, it’s usually around mid to late August and it typically happens after a heatwave. The reason for this being that ants prefer humid weather and they use this time to get on the lookout for a new home and whilst that’s all well and good, it becomes a real nuisance for those of us who enjoy spending time in our gardens and outdoors .

“Ants in the UK aren’t dangerous but they can be extremely irritating.

“We’ve put together some ways to get rid of ants in your garden before they’ve even become a problem.”

One way Britons can get rid of ants is to place them on top of the ants’ soil mounds.

The expert said the ants will move their eggs into the tins during the day as they heat up.

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“Try to avoid your flower beds and borders, or any planters, as you don’t want to steam your coleus in the process.”

Washing up liquid can also be used in a spray bottle filled with water.

The expert said this homemade spray is often used to get rid of aphids.

He added:[Use artificial sweetener]. This is one to put you off using the stuff yourself, as it is deadly to insects.

“You’ll need to mix it with something like apple juice to make it palatable to the ants, but this then creates a paste that is toxic to them.

“Simply pour a bit near to nesting sites and the ants will carry it back to the colony, meaning masses of them will consume the poisonous paste and knock back the population.”

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