Company Culture Advocate, Nailted’s recognition badge that gives visibility to good company culture

People management is undoubtedly one of the most complex tasks for any company. The workers are a fundamental pillar for its correct performance, since they contribute directly to the achievement of business objectives. For this reason, supporting a culture that puts people first is essential.

Consequently, Nailted was created, un software designed to reinforce the culture of the companies and, consequently, decrease the turnover, improving the experience, motivation and commitment of the employees.

With the objective of supporting this mission and to improve employer branding of these companies, giving visibility to their good company culture, the insignia Company Culture Advocate of Nailted was born. Companies that care about their workers and that, through this platform, adopt the necessary communication processes to improve their experience are deserving of the badge.

Improving the employer branding with the Nailted logo

The Company Culture Advocate badge is awarded by Nailted to those companies that listen and give voice to all their employees in order to create better places to work. El software de Nailted is designed to fulfill this objective create an atmosphere of trust, transparency and open communication in companies.

The companies with the Nailted Company Culture Advocate badge support a culture that prioritizes their teams so that they feel more satisfied, more committed and more motivated in what they do, as well as achieving a better alignment of these with the company’s values. Therefore, they increase their productivity and their motivation to achieve business objectives.

This recognition is synonymous with having a good company culture. The Nailted logo reflects the company’s commitment to its team to create a better working environment. That is why it has been recognized as a very powerful addition to companies to improve their performance employer branding and it gives visibility to its good company culture.

Support for companies to adopt communication processes with their employees

In order to become a Company Culture Advocate, Nailted provides support in the automation of those processes that can be tedious managersthe human resources staff and even up to the executive directors, but which are essential for the correct development of a good company culture.

Nailted supports these companies in adopting these communication processes with their employees. Thanks to the functions of the platform, the company will be able to understand the emotions, concerns and interests of its employees and know what happens inside each of its teams.

Building a good company culture in which people come first strengthens the image of the brand, and helps to differentiate itself in the sector, increasing its attractiveness in terms of retaining employees and attracting new talent.

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