Cuba suma turistas en paquetes multidestino con Cancún y RD

The mayor of the Antilles still does not recover the tourism of 2019

RR I Cancún | February 1, 2023
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Agencies and tour operators such as Viajes Bojórquez and Enjoy Travel Group that operate in the Caribbean increasingly push multi-destination packages with charter flights to Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Cancún.

Como reveló REPORTUR.mxthe recovery of destinations in the Caribbean during 2022 was almost total, with the exception of Cuba which is still very below the levels of 2019. However, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico exceeded the number of visitors pre-pandemic, while Colombia estuo muy cerca de alcancer su recovery total.

Cuba is far from the 5 million tourists it had before the travel restrictions due to covid-19. In 2022 it was close to the goal of 1.7 million, and by 2023 it is expected that 3.5 million tourists will arrive, a far cry from the one received in 2019 (Cuba is very far behind in the recovery of the Caribbean in 2022).

“Cancún is in a moment of incredible growth. This stage was never seen even though many thought that it could be affected by the visa problem with some countries. El Caribe mexicano continues to grow with more hotels this year, like multi-destination trips with Cuba and the Dominican Republic”, says Armando Bojórquez, CEO of Viajes Bojórquez, a

Enjoy Travel Group, for its part, transported around 30 groups in 2022. The mayor operator, with headquarters in Barcelona and also with an office in Cancún, says that from India, Asia Minor and the Emirates they are very interested in traveling to Cuba.

“Nuestra evolución es una empresa que estuvo 20 años en Cuba. We started a charter operation between Mexico and Cuba last year with nine weekly frequencies, 5 from Cancún, 2 from Ciudad de México and 2 from Mérida. “Como está funcción muy bien ya raiz de eso abrimos una oficina receptiva en Cancún”, says Jordi Castelló, vice president of Enjoy Travel Group.

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