Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott ‘Under Most Pressure’ of NFL QBs, Says ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky

FRISCO – To the credit of Dan Orlovsky, he’s learned “The Game. ”

No, not football; the former NFL quarterback knows that ‘game’ is just fine.

This is a newer wrinkle, and the way for him to accelerate his post-playing career as an ESPN analyst.

Cowboys. Cowboys. And more Cowboys!

There is no such thing as a starting quarterback in the NFL who will not deal with “pressure.” It is the nature of the position, especially in a league that props the QB up on its promotional pedestal.

But ESPN’s Orlovsky is taking that concept to the next level, and he’s doing his “bit” – which has everything to do with the Dallas Cowboys, as Orlovsky has named his “top five QBs under the most pressure in 2022.”


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