Delta Airlines Is Giving Away Frequent Flyer Miles

In an attempt to remind Seattleites that Sea-Tac Airport is a Delta Air Lines hub—established in 2014—the airline has relaunched its annual Seahawks mileage promotion. Called 12Status, the designation gives members a free frequent flyer mile for every passing yard the Seahawks earn throughout the season.

Since the program launched in 2016, Delta has given away some 4.1 billion miles, which sounds like a lot, although last year that meant 3,815 free miles per person. Not enough to trade in for a full getaway, of course, but that’s nearly 4,000 bonus miles for doing nothing but eating wings and yelling at Pete Carroll’s decisions.

Members must register their SkyMiles account with the 12Status program, even if they took part in the past, and their address must be in Washington. That means Denver dwellers may take our quarterback—and possibly, come Monday night, our pride—but they’ll never take our negligible freebies.

Along with miles, 12Status infers priority boarding in the main cabin (so not before first class, don’t go too nuts) and 12 percent off gear from official Seahawks pro shops—but only on the 12th of each month.

Of course, a good miles haul all depends on the Seahawks doing well this season; cruddy passing would mean fewer miles. (Say it all together now: “Rebuilding year!”) As Russell Wilson shows up with the Denver Broncos on Monday, we’ll get our first idea of ​​whether the Hawks can overcome the tumult. Quite literally this year, your mileage may vary.

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