Desperate parents seek answers over a month after their 15-year-old daughter disappeared

The parents of a missing South Carolina teenager continue to seek answers about their daughter’s disappearance.

Fifteen-year-old Sarah Pipkin was last seen on August 15 after her first day of school at Cane Bay High School, in Berkeley County. Surveillance video captured the teen leaving the school premises with a group of students, local news station WCSC reported.

Sarah was supposed to take the bus home that day and an hour after she failed to arrive, her mother filed a runaway report with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office following advice from the department, she wrote in a Facebook post.

More than a month after Sarah went missing, her family is desperately pleading with the public to come forward with information about her whereabouts.

“I need to know. I need to know if she’s safe,” Darling Campbell told WCSC. “I need to know if someone’s harmed [my daughter]. If someone has … I want them prosecuted to the fullest. You know, I mean, in all reality, she is 15. She’s not old enough to make decisions for herself.”

Sarah’s disappearance is now being treated as a missing person case. The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office told WCSC there have been no updates in the investigation.

A $1,000 reward is being offered for information about Sarah Pipkin, who went missing on August 15

(Facebook/Darling Campbell)

“We’re thinking it’s not necessarily a runaway and that someone has picked her up,” Ms Campbell told WCSC.

“… We just want her home so she can either get the help she needs and continue with her life. You know, that’s all we want.”

Sarah’s father, Rickey Campbell, said he is worried about Sarah’s well-being because she did not take anything with her that could indicate she left on her own. The day she went missing, she left her phone and wallet at home.

“If I was going to run away, I would make sure that I had extra clothes, socks, shoes, whatever,” Mr. Campbell told the outlet. “She took not even deodorant, not even money, she didn’t take it, she didn’t take anything.”

Sarah is white, has brown eyes and recently cut her hair short, pixie style

(Darling Campbell/Facebook)

A $1,000 reward is being offered for information about Sarah. She was last seen wearing faded jeans, a black Bob Ross t-shirt and white Nike Air Force 1 shoes.

Sarah is white, has brown eyes and recently cut her hair short, pixie style.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 843-554-1111.

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