Discover Saskatoon advocates for ‘Option A’ for arena/entertainment centre

The results from Discover Saskatoon’s survey of members, partners, and stakeholders are in line with other organizations like the North Saskatoon Business Association, and the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce when it comes to where the downtown arena and events center should be. Discover Saskatoon, formerly Tourism Saskatoon, says 64 per cent of respondents favor the north parking lot of Midtown Plaza.

The organization says the reoccurring theme as they work to bid on and secure high-yield business, sport and cultural events is that our capacity within current facilities is not competitive on a national and international level. Discover Saskatoon believes investment in new facilities and a surrounding entertainment district downtown will have a resounding direct and indirect impact on the economy and the social well-being of the city. CEO Stephanie Clovechok says, “If we are going to continue to be relevant on the global stage and have world-class events, we will need enhanced, connected facilities that showcase Saskatoon’s unique sense of place, vibrant culture and thriving tourism economy.

A news release from Discover Saskatoon says, “While our city is growing and new concepts are being presented, we acknowledge that there are many questions among our residents, especially those about parking, access, and community members needing housing and social support. We are confident in the leadership amongst the advisory committees and will remain committed to supporting this continued discussion. Working collaboratively for solutions to ensure that we are contributing to a healthy, flourishing Saskatoon is what these teams of people and organizations do best.”

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