Disney, Apple, Amazon and more

The video industry has made a lot of changes in 2022. Los casos more sonados fueron la compra de Activision Blizzard por part of Microsoft por la friolera de 68,000 million dollars and buy Bungie for Sony, enter another. Ahora, Electronic Arts encounters negotiations with a series of empires a possible sale or fusion.

Electronic Arts in search of a sale or fusion

The mediums Puck, Kotaku and ComicBook have reported that Electronic Arts (Battlefield 2042, FIFA 22 and Need for Speed ​​Heat) has maintained conversations with different businesses. Accompanied by the NBC Universal compilation to make a point of being a realist, but ultimately no termination of the right idea for ambition parts. The negotiations were delayed until we heard that there were implicit direct, abogados and banqueros.

There are also reports that Electronic Arts recently contacted you Disney, Amazon and Apple to be admired. Record that EA has played games with Star Wars franchise like Saga Battlefront, Squadrons and Jedi: Fallen Order.

In any case, the fountains do not terminate the acronym on Electronic Arts looking for a sale or fusion. The periodist Dylan Beyers señala que “There are various familiarizations with these conversations saying that EA has been persistent in the search for a venture, and has simply been able to enjoy the secrets of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard.“.

Sin embargo, añade: “Others say that EA is primarily interested in a fusion that allows Wilson to follow the executive director of the company.“. For the ultimate, a portion of EA negating the Kotaku that Electronic Arts is realizing these conversationsQuizás con el fin de que estas negociones no fueran Publicas hasta cerrar un acuerdo.

¿Qué oruráá final with Electronic Arts ?, ¿quran gran compañía será la elegida para comprar o fusionarse con Electronic Arts? It is very possible that some negotiations will take place in the near future.

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