East Knoxville kitchen launches free family meal pilot program

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – Knoxville company, Real Good Kitchen, has recently launched a pilot program with the YWCA Phyllis Wheatley Center and the Shora Foundation to provide more than 100 free meals to 24 families over the course of seven weeks during the summer.

Each family received a healthy meal with fruit and a recipe card, which details how to prepare the meals at home.

“We made sure each recipe was crafted with affordable/accessible ingredients and that the recipe was easy even for people who do not have much experience cooking,” program coordinator for the Real Good Kitchen program Hannah Donahue said. “While there are many barriers to cooking healthy meals at home that we can’t solve, we were intentional with our choices and look forward to adapting it with feedback from participants as we move forward.”

Owner Bailey Foster told WVLT News that some 40 customers rent out their shared commercial kitchen to help grow their mom and pop business. The potent aromas of everything from Cuban empanadas to North African and Ghanaian stews fill a mixing pot of cultures that has created a new community in the Scruffy City.

“The whole point of the kitchen was to create equity and opportunity in the food industry so that more people could afford to follow their dreams and start and grow their food businesses,” Bailey said.

Since the kitchen sits in the middle of what’s considered a food dessert, neighbors are sometimes welcomed to hot meals at a lower price.

To explore the variety of Knoxville restaurants or learn more about the summer pilot program, click here.


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