El nuevo album de The Weeknd es lo mejor del viejo y nuevo Abel

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When your girlfriend leaves you for another, you have two options, either you let yourself be consumed by pain in silence and loneliness, or you use it to create a work of art with which you can express all your suffering and convert it into your best revenge.

My Dear Melancholy” el album de The Weeknd que acaba de salir, y como su nombre lo indica, está lleno de melancolía. El album llega después de que Abel Tesfaye anunciara su ruptura con la cantante Selena Gomez y muchos creen que eso, y su muy public breakup con Bella Hadidit was what inspired him to create an album with which he returns to his origins and combines the dark style of the beginning of his career with the pop sound that marked his most recent works.

The Weeknd is uno de los músicos más propositivos de la industria, junto a otros como Chance the Rapper, Francis and The Lights e included Tyler The Creatorforma part of the “raza” of interdisciplinary creators who transcend music and for those who visual, their brand, is as important as the integrity and originality of their sound, and with this new work, they managed to grow one more time, solo que esta vez lo hizo volteando a su pasado

Al principio de su carrera, The Weekend He was clearly an R&B musician, but with time he was evolving and changing until he became a pop rapper with electronic and psychedelic sounds that were impossible to ignore, and even though the change was not bad, his first fans still had the hope of returning to listen. al viejo Abel y esta es su oportunidad

El nuevo album es, sin duda, una opra maestra, es uno de los mejores que The Weekend has created in the last years, and that’s what the previous ones are very good, and it’s clear that it’s the product of suffering, pain and one, or two, broken relationships, or por lo menos that’s what Abel’s fans believe dejan de agradecerle a su ex por haberlo dañado


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