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Electric City Culture Council — Blog — PtboCanada

Open Mic poetry at the Silver Bean Café on May 4. Photo courtesy of EC3 and Andy Carroll.

This decision comes as Peterborough Public Health raised the COVID-19 Risk Index to ‘very high’ on Wednesday and recommends people avoid indoor social gatherings.

EC3 staff are currently dealing with COVID-19-related illnesses.

Due to the nature of the event, where the public and candidates sit together face-to-face to have discussions, EC3 says they felt it was best to make this call.

EC3 and the Artsvote Peterborough Coalition are currently developing an alternate plan for candidates to speak on these important issues, with more details to come.

The Electric City Culture Council is a not-for-profit organization supporting the arts and culture community in Peterborough.

They provide strategic leadership, research, grants, professional development and partnerships that build and strengthen the arts sector in our community.

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