Emergency at Sydney Airport after Qantas flight goes up in flames

Over a hundred passengers have been left shaken this morning, after flames were seen on their Qantas flight at Sydney airport.

More than 100 passengers were on board the Boeing 737, preparing to fly from Sydney to Nouméa.

The QF91 flight was set to take off at 7.40AM, when an emergency radio call stopped it in its tracks.

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The air traffic control tower received a report that flames and smoke were emerging from the engine, while still on the tarmac.

“The pilots followed procedure and shut down the engine as a precaution after being alerted by the control tower while taxiing,” said a spokesperson for Qantas.

“There was no warning light in the cockpit and no sign of fire when the engine was shut down.”

More than 100 passengers were on board the Boeing 737. Credit: 7NEWS

The plane safely returned to the terminal, and the incident was investigated by engineers.

The plane has since been cleared to return to service.

No injuries have been reported, and the passengers are being safely transferred onto another flight.

Traffic controllers noticed smoke and flames emerging from the engine. Credit: 7NEWS

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