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At Bayer we work to satisfy two of the primordial needs in the world. Health and Nutrition. There was never an era so important for innovation and collaboration in these areas, because our world is facing enormous challenges such as climate change, limited natural resources or a constantly growing population.

In Environmental Science, our role and responsibility are essential for safety and sustainable advancement of health, hygiene and security of people from all over the world.
Let’s get this done using innovation and technology to take care of the environments where we all live currently, and where we will live in the future.

Nuestro compromiso:

At Bayer Environmental Science, our commitment is to develop solutions for the care of people and the environment where they live, work and dedicate their free time.
We specialize in research, development and marketing of products for pest control in urban and rural areas, and training for adequate and responsible use, to the extent of each need.
We work together with our clients, creating innovative proposals that help care for health, protect food and improve quality of life.

Promoting life

Junto a nuestros clientes, we collaborate to protect, and finally eradicate debilitating and potentially life-threatening illnesses through vector control solutions. We have set our objectives in the development of a pest management that protects health and public hygiene, and improves food security, with products of low environmental impact that generate solutions for the well-being of people, and a healthy environment without leaving a footprint. in the environment.
Through the control of weeds and pests, we guarantee the security of buildings, transports and infrastructures. Our solutions contribute to improving people’s wellbeing by keeping green spaces where high-quality sports and leisure activities can be carried out.
In a rapidly evolving world, we are constantly exploring new ways to offer better and more sustainable solutions for the benefit of our clients, society and our planet.

Puede encontrar toda la información sobre la unita de negocio Environmental Science (Protection ambiental) de Bayer en http://www.proteccionambiental.com.ar

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