Este es el tote bag que amaban las mujeres de los 90 y que vuelve a ser LA TENDENCIA

El mayor allyado que tiene una mujer siempre es (y será) su bolso y, medida que pasan los los años, nos damos conta de que cuanto more grande sea, mejor. This accessory accompanies us there where we go in our day to day, and in its interior we keep our most precious objects but also other items that many men would never imagine, right? Eso sí, todos ellos necesarios. Therefore, The tote bag has become the favorite design for the most busy women y tenemos que decirte que el modelo que triunfó en los años 90 (que pertene a una mitica firma) vuelve a ser la tendencia. We need it for this autumn-winter, but we know that you will also want it.


El bolso que alegrará TODOS tus looks es uno de los más cónicos del ‘street style’ (y ahora sostenible)

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En questiones de moda todo vuelve, incluso aquellos que prometimos no volver ponernos jámás, como es el case de los jeans anchos y bajos que llevanas las francesas con más estilo. Of course, the same thing happens at the accessories level, although in this case we are talking about one of the most elegant bags of street style que It returns in the form of a tendency to give us the possibility of differentiating our looks from day to day as our mothers did.

Hay un bolso acolchado en parfois que aman las madrileñas con estilo (because they know it's tendencia absoluta)


Hay un bolso acolchado en parfois que aman las madrileñas con estilo (because they know it’s tendencia absoluta)

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Let’s talk Uno de los primeros bolsos de Furlathe Italian luxury marroquinería firm, which triumphed in the 90s and which now, 30 years later, is reedited to save our looks (y de paso la vida, porque en su interior cabe absolumento todo).

Se trata Archive Series 01el nombre de The first Furla collection inspired by the brand’s archival models from the 90s. Una línea que va más allá, pues tiene el objetivo de homenajear a todas las mujeres que escogieron un bolso de la firma italiana para comienzas sus carreras. Today, the artisanal style of these pieces continues intact, but it evolves in terms of innovation.

This collection includes two styles (a bag and a tote, both made with natural leather by Tuscan artisans) and a total of 500 pieces in pearl, cognac and black tones, and maintains the original design of this bag in the 90s but reinvented in a contemporary key.

It presents a structured silhouette with two handles and a shoulder strap, so it’s very comfortable. In addition, it includes galvanized gold finishes, three interior pockets and an interior slot for credit cards. Very practical!

We found it on sale at a price of 645 euros on the web Furlaas well as in their boutiques, where we can personalize with our initials the leather pendants to make this bag so special, unique.

Bolso Archives 01, de Furla

Bolso Archives 01, de Furla

(Price: 645 euros).


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