Experts expect busy Memorial Day travel weekend

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Charlotte Douglas International Airport will be holding a news conference Thursday ahead of what is expected to be a very busy Memorial weekend in the skys and on the ground.

When looking into travel trends, what it boils down to is this is going to be an expensive weekend for those who choose to travel.

The new AAA gas average for the day is coming in at $ 4.36 per gallon in North Carolina, while the national average is $ 4.60.

AAA says these prices aren’t putting a damper on folks’ travel plans. Officials estimate travel will be up more than 8% this year with more than 39 million people on the roads.

For those who are traveling, especially if they’re hitting the roads, experts say one way to possibly save is don’t fill up right off the freeway. Get about a mile or so away, and drivers may find that gas prices are lower.

Patrick De Haan, fuel analyst with GasBuddysays the national average for a gallon of regular gas could hit $ 5 within a few weeks.

“This could be the low point in what could be a very expensive summer to fill your tank,” De Haan said.

When crunching the numbers, the average car gets around 25 miles per gallon. Those taking the 175-mile trip from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach, SC this weekend will be spending around $ 61 to get there and back.

Compare that to this time last year, it would have been $ 20 less, coming in around $ 40 for a round trip.

Traveling from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach is more than $ 20 more expensive this year than it is during the 2021 Memorial Day weekend period.(Source: WBTV)

Both AAA and GasBuddy officials said they expect this to be a regular start to what will be a busy and expensive travel season.

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