Family search 1 year after AZ geologist went missing

The morning of June 23, 2021, was the last time someone saw 25-year-old Daniel Robinson leaving work in Buckeye – one year later, his family and law enforcement agencies are no closer to finding him.

Robinson, a geologist, was last seen driving west from his worksite in an area west of Sun Valley Parkway and north of Cactus Road. On July 19, Robinson’s blue 2017 Jeep Renegade was found by a rancher a few miles out from his worksite, in a remote part of the desert.

“Today marks one year that my son went missing. To the world, it’s one year. To us, the family, it’s every day one after the other, a continuous moments passing by where hope is always shadowed by dismay. Somehow, day after day the will will keep searching triumphant over loosing hope, “David Robinson, Robinson’s father, wrote in a tweet from his account dedicated to find him.

In honor of Robinson and other people who have gone missing, David Robinson is hosting an event named “A Day of Remembrance” on Saturday at 6:30 pm at the Arizona State Capitol House and Senate Lawn. This will be an opportunity for people to share their “missing loved one’s story,” according to the event’s description.

David Cawley-Robinson, left, stands with his brother Daniel Robinson, 24, who was last seen driving west from his work site in an area west of Sun Valley Parkway and north of Cactus Road in Buckeye on June 23, 2021.

Family and friends can set up a table, bring a photo and speak if they want to. The description also states there will be community resources to help support people as they bring awareness to their stories.

That same day there will be a desert search organized by Robinson’s family from 5:45 am until 10 am, off Sun Valley Parkway and Cactus Road.

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