Flight cancellations: 7 questions about flying this summer

The start of the summer travel season saw some stumbles as airlines canceled thousands of flights over Memorial Day weekend. Now travelers wonder: Was it a fluke or a preview of disruptions to come?

US airlines canceled more than 2,800 flights between Thursday and Monday, or 2 percent of their schedules, the Associated Press reported. Delta made up about 800 of those cuts.

The cancellations came as travel continues to rebound from pandemic lows and carriers struggle with worker shortages.

“The ecosystem has become quite stretched as airlines try to meet this robust passenger demand and try to get everyone where they want to go this summer,” said Adam Gordon, a managing director and partner at Boston Consulting Group. “The resiliency that we used to take for granted is no longer there.”

Although the cancellations were not cataclysmic, each represented a travel day gone terribly wrong – and a potentially bad omen for future vacations.

“For that family of four, with a screaming kid and a diaper bag and a crabby spouse, that’s a horrible thing to go through,” said Mike Boyd, aviation analyst and president of Boyd Group International.

Here are seven key questions and answers for travelers heading into the season.

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