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KOLKATA: An IndiGo Airlines flight departing for Mumbai was stuck in a crater on the main taxiway that leads to the primary runway for over 40 minutes on Saturday before it was removed by a tow tractor. The plane with over 170 passengers on board finally took off for Mumbai an hour after the scheduled departure once engineers inspected the aircraft and gave the go-ahead.
The nose wheel of flight 6E 6965 that was to depart around 4pm got stuck in a crater that had formed on taxiway K that joins the primary runway to the secondary runway. This is the preferred taxiway for departing aircraft as it allows planes to enter the primary runway at a point where it can then make the take-off run without having to retract.
“As the plane stopped for runway clearance, the nose wheel got stuck in the crater. The aircraft did not have enough momentum to thereafter roll out of it. With taxiway K occupied, the alternative taxiway A was used by other departing aircraft. A tow tractor had to be brought from the apron area to take the plane away. Engineers inspected the nose wheel and cleared the aircraft as no damage was detected. The plane then skirted the crater and took off from Kolkata around 5pm, ”an airport official said.
Taxiway K was kept shut for repairs and taxiway A was used. Since planes had to retract after entering the primary runway using taxiway A, the primary runway efficiency or hourly capacity for landings and take-offs was reduced. Airport sources said the repairs would be completed by Sunday.


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