Florida says math books teach CRT? Something doesn’t add up

Fun fact for today: The philosopher Plato is considered the “maker of mathematicians.”

I learned that on the website storyofmathematics.com. Plato opened an academy in 387 BCE, where “he stressed mathematics as a way of understanding more about reality.”

Well, there’s reality and there is Florida. Often the two fail to intersect.

Yes, citizens, math is the latest example of the state’s cancel culture. Florida’s Department of Education rejected 41% of math textbooks offered by publishers. That included 71% of materials for kindergarten through fifth grade.

Those books didn’t meet Florida’s, ahem, “standards.”

I mean, 1+1 still equals 2, right?

The department took a swipe at the despised Common Core, which Florida no longer uses. If that was as far as it went, well, OK. But this is Florida, and we know better than to expect decorum and restraint from our lawmakers.

Consider the headline on the DOE news release.

It says: “Florida Rejects Publishers’ Attempts to Indoctrinate Students. ”

They didn’t stop at “indoctrination” here, though. No siree.

Yes, friends, the state just lumped elementary school math textbooks in with critical race theory. It’s the boogeyman to end them all. My hamstrings hurt thinking of the Olympic-level gymnastics it took to accomplish that.

Plato just threw up in his mouth.

But for the moment, let’s give the DOE reviewers the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say they found concrete examples of bad stuff because the news release referred to “prohibited and divisive concepts.”

Those concepts included “the tenants of CRT or other unsolicited strategies of indoctrination.”

If so, kindly share them, please.

After all, the state hailed this “transparent instructional materials review process.” However, actual transparency makes a stronger case.

So far, though, all we’ve seen is a scary headline and a news release filled with buzzwords.

I mean, what did these nefarious publishers try to pull? Did kids have a homework assignment showing Joe Biden with more votes than Donald Trump?

As Plato said, math is a way to understand reality, but reality today is whatever the GOP says. The totality of things Republicans oppose and label as divisive has moved beyond strange.

They create the enemy, and – to paraphrase Trump – only they can fix that.

That might be a formula to win elections, but it’s a lousy way to govern.

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