Fremantle Arts Center – Exposition: Jila Kujarra: Two Snakes Dreaming

Jila Kujarra: Dreaming Two Snakes is a passionate intercultural collaboration between the artist Desmond Taylor de Warnman and the textile practitioner Maria Pugh de Boorloo.

Taylor and Pugh onto the ensemble to transform the paintings of Niminjarra of Taylor, usually looking at the toiler or the papier, in many textiles hautement tactiles, animating the important Niminjarra Jukurrpa (Rêve).

Niminjarra, ce sont les deux frères qui se transforment en serpent pour pouvoir rentrer chez eux à Ngayartakujarra (lac Dora). They are ready to make a fuss, they have two freshers, but they are not long-haired guards, and the person is not ready for the librarian. They attend to you as they decide to turn on the serpentine to retain their venison, car but more to attend. This is Jukurrpa (history of history). “
This corpus d’ouvres is not the first of Taylor Desmond’s views on the art of reminiscences à traverses a textile support and constitutes a contemporary art of the important historical legends found in the Warnman Ngurra (Pays).

The interdisciplinary interdisciplinary movement between Desmond Taylor and Maria Pugh, practitioner and educator in textiles, presents the practice of changing culture and creativity, impulsively by Taylor and other artists Martu on the basis of Martial Arts artists, in part and the international record of the world and the world of proven deserts of Great Sandy, Little Sandy and Gibson.

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