Gov. Evers visits SentryWorld for National Tourism and Travel Week

STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) – Governor Tony Evers stopped in Stevens Point to talk about tourism on Wednesday. His stop is part of National Tourism and Travel Week which promotes tourism throughout the country.

Governor Evers said Wisconsin outpaced the national average for travel spending compared to 2019 for the past 24 months. He also gave out 2 grants to SentryWorld to support the upcoming US Senior Golf Tournament which is expected to bring in millions of dollars.

“At the state level we rely on sales tax revenue and other revenue to do what we need to do and right now we’re sitting with a large surplus and a lot of that has to do with the tourism industry,” said Governor Tony Evers .

Governor Evers stressed the importance of tourism in the state as he toured SentryWorld. He said despite the pandemic, parts of Wisconsin still saw steady spending on tourism.

“Tourism is such a huge part of our economy and even during the pandemic, there were parts of our state that actually had very good years,” said Governor Evers.

The event many people are looking forward to bringing in the most tourism is the US Senior Open Championship golf tournament. The event is expected to bring in millions of dollars to the community.

“The United States Senior Open is expected to bring in over 75,000 spectators to the area and better yet, the economic impact of the area is estimated over $ 20 million,” said Mike James, the general manager of SentryWorld.

Governor Evers gave out grants to support SentryWorld’s upcoming event. The second grant will bring in golf tour operators.

“The other is to fund a group of international golf tour operators that are coming all over the world to see what we here in Wisconsin have to offer,” said James.

Mayor Mike Wiza of Stevens Point also supported the tourism that the golf tournament will bring in.

“Tourism is your first date with a community,” said Mayor Wiza.

Mayor Wiza said Stevens Point is attracting more people to the area.

“We’ve been setting tourism records. There’s so much to do and see here in central Wisconsin and people are finally starting to realize that, ”said Mayor Wiza.

The US Senior Open Championship golf tournament will be held at SentryWorld in 2023.

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