Hallmark Channel’s ‘Fly Away With Me’ (2022): Premiere, Cast, Plot and More

They say they never act with children or animals but in Hallmark Channel’s latest Fall Into Love movies, Fly away with methere’s plenty of kids of the avian and canine variety running amok.

Here’s everything we know about Fly away with me including a Parade.com exclusive first look.

What is Fly away with me about?

Angie (Natalie Hall) is an overworked aspiring writer who finally lands her own condo. On the first day in her new place, a parrot flies in through her balcony door. Although she has no idea who the bird’s owner is, she knows pets are not allowed in the building. While at the local pet shop she meets Ted (Peter Mooney), an air traffic controller who not only lives in her building but is in the unit right next door. Angie soon finds out Ted is hiding a pet of his own, his sister’s dog Zoe. What ensues is a comical back-and-forth as Angie attempts to hide the bird and Ted tries to hide Zoe. Angie and Ted make a pact to have each other’s back as they work together to duck and dodge their condo manager.


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