Here’s What Fans Really Think Of Lady Gaga’s New Makeup Range

Lady Gaga landed into the pop scene with a BANG! in 2008, shaking up the music industry with her wild and creative flair and classic hit singles such as Poker Face, Alejandro, Just Dance, and Bad Romance skyrocketing her to instant fame and success. After the release of her highly successful EP The Fame Monster just a year later in 2009, she soon managed to brand herself within the music industry.

As her career has progressed, Gaga has won countless awards, toured and sang for millions of fans around the world, launched her own mental health charity, advocated for the LGBTQ community, and even dabbled in acting. Since she landed a major role in American Horror Story in 2015, she has gone on to star in major productions A Star Is Born, and is now lined up to play Harley Quinn in Joker: Foil a Two.


As well as building a successful acting career alongside her music career, Gaga has even launched her own makeup brand, Haus Labs — and fans have thoughts on her newest line.

Lady Gaga Launched Haus Labs In 2019

Aside from boasting a highly successful music career, Lady Gaga is one of many celebrities with their very own makeup brand. Originally launched in 2019, Haus Labs aim it”spread kindness, bravery, and creativity by providing tools for self-expression and reinvention.”

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The original Haus Labs launched exclusively on Amazon, aiming to make their products as accessible as possible for everyone. Some of the products on offer include lip and eye products, such as mini shadow palettes and face lace.

Face lace was a ‘stick-on’ product that was designed to allow consumers to ‘have fun with’ to use them ‘as a tool of expression’. The brand drew inspiration from Gaga’s younger days, when she would use drugstore makeup to create a ‘signature look’.

However, it appeared that having the Haus Labs products exclusive to Amazon would act as a major downfall for the brand, and many of the products failed to gain traction against competitors. Although the brand was great in many ways, they decided that they could do better.

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In addition to having her own makeup brand, Gaga has also previously launched two perfumes, Fame and Eau de Gagaboth of which were creations of Haus Laboratories.

She Gave Haus Labs A Clean Re-Brand

In 2022, Gaga announced the exciting news that she would be re-branding Haus Labs to create new, clean, innovative, and high-performance products. As part of their re-launch, the brand eliminated over 2700+ questionable ingredients, as stated on their website, replacing them with kinder alternatives such as hyaluronic acid and vegan collagen.

All the products are cruelty-free and vegan, as well as sustainably sourced and fragrance-free. They also don’t test on animals. Several other benefits and beneficial ingredients are listed on their official website, detailing in more depth their individual benefits for the skin.

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As part of the relaunch, the brand also had a complete packaging overhaul, switching from dark to more neutral and light tones to represent a ‘cleaner’ feel. However, that is not the only change that has been made to the packaging.

As stated on the website, Haus Labs is aiming to be 100% carbon-neutral by 2027, and part of this is by sourcing more sustainable packaging. Currently, the brand is using ‘glass, aluminium, cellulose and post-consumer recycled materials when possible’ as well as using FSC-certified paper from sustainably harvested forests.

The successful re-launch of her makeup brand has likely boosted her already staggering net worth, which she has earned through several streams of income.

Fans Are Loving The Inclusivity Of Her Foundation Shades

In 2022, Lady Gaga relaunched Haus Labsoffering both fans and the public a range of clean and vegan makeup in the form of lip, eye, and brow products.

Compared to her first launch, her new products received plenty of positive feedback, with one of her lip products even going viral on TikTok, being praised for how ‘transfer-proof’ it was. Impressed viewers quickly swarmed the site and the liquid lipstick quickly sold out, leaving many clamoring for a re-stock.

Now, it seems as though her brand is only going from height to height. Earlier this week, Gaga revealed her new foundation range, described as ‘groundbreaking clean foundation that feels like skincare, but performs like makeup.’

The foundation once again follows Haus Labs ‘clean’ theme, and is available in a total of 51 shades.

Fans were quick to praise the shade range of the new foundation line. One fan commented: “I remember always searching for one foundation for my specific skin shade and never actually found one that represents me. This is a game changing for the industry and for your brand.” while another fan said the “colour variety is amazing”.

Similar sentiments were also echoed by fans on Twitter, with many once again praising the range of shades available “No but fr this shade range is insane! They’re even including a lightener if you need to lighten your foundation. This is a SERVE” , with another commenting that ”because it’s Gaga I figured she’d have an awesome shade range”.

So, all across the board, it seems both fans and the public are majorly impressed by the shade range of the brand. It’s now safe to say that Gaga has set the bar high when it comes to her future launches.

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