Highland Arts Theater bells ring for Queen Elizabeth II

“God Save the Queen” ran out through the streets of Sydney, NS on Friday morning. Inside the bell tower at the Highland Arts Theatre, Glenda Watts says it’s her way of paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

“I feel like every time there’s something substantial, the bells are called upon,” she said. “When the shootings occurred on the mainland, the bells were here. During covid lockdown the bells were here and now for this. I’m honored to be part of that.”

Outside the former church, people gathered to take pictures and stopped to remember and pay their respects.

“I think it’s very good and there should be tributes for here all across Canada,” said Robert Allen.

Many feel the Maritimes held a special place in the Queen’s heart. She had spent plenty of time in Cape Breton, including a visit to the Fortress Louisbourg in 1994.

Thousands flocked to the National Historic site to catch a glimpse of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip 28 years ago, and on Friday many shared their memories.

“I was inspected by the Queen in 1959 when she presented her colors to the Canadian Navy,” said Allen.

At the Highland Arts Theatre, the bells rang out 96 times, to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 96 years of life.

“People just feel touched by them and they are either brought back to childhood memories, or grandparents, and now national memories,” said Watt.

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