HKFP Lens: Winner of ‘Colors of Humanity’ Arts Prize reflects Hong Kong’s shared future

The eighth “Colors of Humanity” Arts Prize, co-hosted by the Justice Center Hong Kong and the European Union Office, is promoting diversity and inclusion through the arts.

“Colors of Humanity” Arts Prize 2022 Trained Artist Category Winner Pak Hei Chung. Photo: Supplied.

Pak Hei-Chung, the winner of the Trained Artist Category Award, created the mixed-media piece 20200701which layers clippings from the front pages of various newspapers published on July 1, 2020.

This view of the harbor was deemed by many as a symbol of stability and prosperity, but its homogeneity also begs us to consider what the future of Hong Kong will be like for all of us under the same sky, according to the organizers.

“Colors of Humanity” Arts Prize 2022 Community Artist Category Winner – Amrita Tandon, All kinds of kinds. Photo: Supplied.

The Community Artist Category Winner Amrita Tandon focused on the LGBTQ refugee community who flee from societies which see them as outliers and threaten them with physical harm and even death.

“Colors of Humanity” Arts Prize 2022 Team Category Winner – Muse Circle, A Play in Presence. Photo: Supplied.

Muse Circle is an award-winning 15-minute music video that was shot in the wild, sharing a moment of spontaneous authenticity.

The group did not pay attention to the cameras or perform for one another or for a crowd most of the time, as it aims to experience a genuine presence and closeness with one another.

“Colors of Humanity” Arts Prize 2022 Justice Center Choice Award – Shuk Fan-Tsang, We will only belong to our own self. Photo: Supplied.

Shuk Fan-Tsang, who won the Justice Center Choice Award, uses a map of the world to record the geographical location of each country at a specific moment. “The map itself seems eternal, but borders and lands change every second because of wars and climate crises,” the organizers said.

“Colors of Humanity” Arts Prize 2022 InkluVision Award – Hoi Kuoh-Mak, The World is Colorful. Photo: Supplied.

Hoi Kuoh-Mak created this painting, which took the InkluVision Award, to show the inclusion of people who are visually impaired. Since they can only use their other senses to interpret things in this world, the concept of colors to them is totally abstract.

“Colors of Humanity” Arts Prize 2022 Youth Award Cheryl Lai. Photo: Supplied.

This artwork by Cheryl Lai took the Youth Award. It features Contrinx, a migrant domestic worker whose latest social media video has gone viral in Hong Kong. The artist wishes to pay tribute to all domestic workers who have fought for their rights and those of others, particularly Contrinx.

All shortlisted and winning artworks are on show until July 23 at the Goethe-Institut Hongkong. Members of the public can sign up for bilingual guided tours by the curator on July 9, with details and registration available here.

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