Home and Away Spoilers – A second date for Nikau and Naomi?

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Nikau finds himself on the cusp of another date with Naomi, while Ziggy has to make a sacrifice to save Theo’s career.

After being accused of plagiarism over his TAFE assignment, Theo (Matt Evans) is on tenterhooks as he awaits the results of the exam that could clear his name.

The trouble started when Theo’s mentor Justin (James Stewart) decided to take over Theo’s assignment, after seeing him struggle to write it. While Justin was pleased with his effort, Theo knew that he couldn’t submit someone else’s work, and so rewrote it himself.

Not wanting to hurt his feelings, Theo didn’t tell Justin that his work had been disposed of. Therefore, when Justin learned that Theo had been awarded a distinction, his excited reaction set alarm bells ringing with Leah (Ada Nicodemou), who forced Justin to admit that he’d written it.

Rather than speak to Theo, Leah then decided that Justin should tell TAFE what had happened, so Theo was understandably annoyed when he learned that he was being accused of plagiarism for an assignment he’d written himself—not to mention the fact it was Justin that dubbed him in!

Leah and Justin were mortified over their mistake, but it was too late to put a stop to it. Showing Justin’s attempt at the assignment to Theo’s tutor proved nothing, with Theo’s only option being to take an exam to prove he knew the subject.

Thankfully Theo hears that he’s passed his exam and he’s now in the clear, but little does he realize that with one problem out of the way, he’s about to hit another Justin-sized stumbling block…

When Justin receives a call from the TAFE, he’s told that a complaint has been made against him to the training services, and as a result he’s going to lose his accreditation for apprenticeships.

He’s no longer going to be able to teach Theo!

Theo is devastated when Justin breaks the news to him that he’ll have to complete his apprenticeship with another mechanic, something Theo has no enthusiasm to do.

Justin calls around but isn’t able to find anyone in the local area, and as Theo is forced to carry out menial tasks at the garage in lieu of a supervisor, it seems all hope is lost.

Meanwhile, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) realizes that it’s been a long time since she’s seen her sister Coco (Anna Cocquerel), and when discussing it with Dean (Patrick O’Connor), they decide they’ll head up to Cairns together, turning it into a romantic road trip.

It’s the perfect time to go, and with 2400km ahead of them, the duo are excited as they begin preparations. That is until Justin meets Ziggy to explain how badly he’s messed up, to ask a huge favor…. could she take over Theo’s apprenticeship?

Thinking back to her disastrous attempts to teach Dean’s surf classes, Ziggy doesn’t think she has what it takes. It would also mean a lot of responsibility and commitment, as well as canceling their planned holiday.

Yet Dean assures her that she’s more than capable—she may not be a good surf instructor, but when it comes to cars and tools, she’s a great teacher. She’s the perfect person to get Theo through his apprenticeship.

As for the road trip, Dean shrugs it off—they can go another time.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel for Theo?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is stunned when he learns he’s been nominated for a bravery award.

It’s been two weeks since Nikau saved Naomi’s (Jamaica Vaughan) sister, Goldie, from drowning while on lifesaving duties at the surf club. After some persuasion from John (Shane Withington), Nik reluctantly agreed to have lunch with Naomi by way of a thank you, and whilst he enjoyed talking with her, Nik thought that would be the end of the matter.

However after stepping on a sea urchin during another rescue last week, Nik found himself in Naomi’s company once again after being taken to the hospital, where he found her working as a nurse.

Although minor surgery was performed to remove the spine from his foot, Nik was kept in for observation overnight, and ended up spending the entire time with Naomi, who stayed chatting with him after her shift ended.

When John calls Nik into work on his day off, wanting him to clean the office, Nik can smell a rat. When Naomi later arrived, she seems to know the reason John is acting strange, but keeps her lips sealed.

John later gathers everyone in the club room to make an announcement—Nik has been nominated for a bravery award for his rescue of Goldie. As the applause dies down, Nik asks Naomi if she knew about this, and she reveals that it was her who nominated him.

John excitedly tells Nik about the splendor of the awards ceremony they’ll be attending, but Nik is nervous. He was only doing his job, the last thing he wants is all this attention, never mind feeling out of place at a posh dinner.

While uncle Tane (Ethan Browne) knows that the late Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) would be cheering his nephew on, Nik admits to Naomi that he’s dreading it.

With Nik’s girlfriend Bella (Courtney Miller) away in New York, he’s thrown when Naomi suddenly offers to accompany him to hold his hand…

Is Nik about to agree to a ‘date’ with another girl?

Also next week, Flick and Mac clash over noisy new arrivals!

As four new characters arrive in Summer Bay, Flick believes they could be the key to turning Salt around… can Mac be convinced?

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REMINDER: As of Monday 1st August, the lunchtime showing of Home and Away on Channel 5 now airs at 1:45pm.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 8th August (Episode 7826)

Could Mackenzie and Felicity make a good business team? Rose finds romantic distraction in Tex. Cash and Rose clash.

Tuesday 9th August (Episode 7827)

Cash loses his appetite for a family lunch. Rose brings an unwelcome guest. Tex charms his way into keeping his job when Roo returns unexpectedly. Has Justin sabotaged Theo’s apprenticeship?

Wednesday 10th August (Episode 7828)

Rose admits her secret feelings. Ziggy and Dean plan a road trip. Theo’s exam success is cut short. Roo and Marilyn are Team Tex.

Thursday 11th August (Episode 7829)

Felicity’s friends arrive in Summer Bay. Nikau accidentally agrees to a date. Chloe can’t juggle two jobs. Can Ziggy save Theo’s apprenticeship?

Friday 12th August (Episode 7830)

Felicity and Mac clash over business. The band took over Tane’s house. Can Nikau have a girl as a friend?

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