Home and Away’s Ziggy admits issues in relationship with Dean

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Home and Away‘s Ziggy Astoni has admitted to having relationship issues with Dean Thompson.

In case you missed it, Dean was extremely insecure when Ziggy had helped Remi Carter out and ended up getting trapped together with him, even though there was no romantic intent involved. Ziggy chose not to tell Dean about this, which strained their relationship.

And since the disastrous van Hunt mission, Ziggy has been careful not to provoke Dean because she knows she broke his trust by lying to him about her whereabouts. However, it seems like she can’t escape Remi.

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Mackenzie then encourages Ziggy to clean up her mess, pointing out that neither Remi nor Dean did anything wrong. Neither of them lied – so it is up to Ziggy to make peace.

Just when Ziggy decides to apologize to Remi, they are interrupted by Dean. This alarms Ziggy, who leaps away from him, which heightens Dean’s suspicion.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie, who is unimpressed by the whole thing and refuses to get caught in the middle, orders Ziggy and Dean to sort out their issues immediately.

The couple try to reconcile with each other but end up in a stubborn argument. Ziggy feels guilty for talking to Remi, even though Dean has made it clear that he has no problems with it.

He then patiently tries to explore Ziggy’s guilt, bringing up the idea that maybe it’s because she has feelings for Remi – a notion that Ziggy categorically refuses.

Dean then asks Eden if Remi would ever make a move on Ziggy, to which Eden irritatedly says that Remi might be a flirt but he would never hit on someone who is in a relationship.

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Meanwhile, Ziggy is now pondering that she might like Remi and asks Mackenzie for help. Mackenzie then explains to her that her relationship with Dean is comfortable. And therefore it isn’t Remi that Ziggy is attracted to, it is the way he makes her feel.

Having a clearer understanding of her thoughts, she then tells Dean that she needs to feel special, that sometimes a girl needs more than just a pizza, football and beer.

Dean then takes it to heart and plans a romantic surprise for her – a spontaneous surf trip. This leaves Ziggy elated but is it enough to get them back on track?

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