Hook Entertainment publishes a new statement about the conflict with Lee Seung Gi for non-paid musical gains

Hook Entertainment responded to the legal representative of Lee Seung Gi saying that the singer did not pay for his musical releases in the last 18 years.

At the beginning of this month, it was revealed that Lee Seung Gi had sent a certification of content to his agency Hook Entertainment, requesting a transparent disclosure of the payments. Recently, the office building of the agency was also seized and registered by the Division of Investigation of Grave Crimes of the National Police Agency due to suspicions of embezzlement of funds by some executives. El 21 de noviembre, Dispatch published an report that affirmed that Lee Seung Gi had not received any of his income for his music and that there were five years of declarations from 2004 to 2009. The CEO of Hook Entertainment, Kwon Jin Young, answered briefly que están en proceso de verificación de hechos. On November 24, the legal representative of Lee Seung Gi confirmed that Lee Seung Gi had never known the earnings for his music and that he had received insults and threats when he requested the details of the agreement.

In addition, various communication media raised questions about the relationship of the veteran singer Lee Sun Hee with the unfair treatment of Lee Seung Gi, who figures as director of Hook Entertainment.

On November 25, Hook Entertainment shared its position on previous issues with the following statement:

Hello, we are Hook Entertainment.

In the first place, we are embarrassed and we would like to apologize to everyone for the continuous negative news that has appeared recently, as well as for the current problem between us and Lee Seung Gi. And particularly, nos gustaría express nuestras disculpas a Lee Seung Gi, quien está pasando por un momento difícil dueboda a esto.

Also we would like to tilt the head and apologize to those who were injured by the inappropriate words and actions of CEO Kwon Jin Young.

As previously mentioned in Hook Entertainment’s press release, we were in the process of obtaining and organizing accurate data to respond to the certification of the contents we received from Lee Seung Gi’s legal representative. It is regrettable that the communication media have not reported information that has not been accurately verified.

When Hook Entertainment and Lee Seung Gi signed an exclusive contract again after the original end of our exclusive contract in 2021, both parties verified all the details of the career agreement [de Lee Seung Gi] y resolvimos la relación de deuda financiera entre nuestra empresa y Lee Seung Gi. Both parties also wrote an agreement that confirms tales made.

Sin embargo, following the solicitation of Lee Seung Gi, Hook Entertainment is once again reviewing with experts the considerable amount of liquidation of profits that Hook Entertainment has paid to Lee Seung Gi.

In addition, the report published recently by a certain medium of communication about the content of the contract of Lee Seung Gi and Hook Entertainment, as well as the index of distribution of profits, etc., as well as the report about Hook Entertainment never paying Lee Seung Gi a vez por sus ingresomes musicales, son differentes de la verdad.

Currently we are planando organize las cosas con claridad y corregir y assumir la responsabilidad de nuestro error, si se demuresa que existe alguno. Como empresa de gestioni de celebrities que debiere haber mantenido relaciones con sus artistas basadas en la fe y la confianza, nos disculpamos una vez más.

In addition, in the case of Lee Sun Hee, due to the fact that she was an artist who had been with Hook Entertainment since the beginning, nominally she was a director by courtesy, but from 2006 to 2021 Hook Entertainment was a unipersonal company, property of the actions of Kwon Jin Young al 100 por ciento, y Lee Sun Hee nunca estuvo involucrada en los asuntos de administración de la empresa o distribución de ganancias.

Junto con esto, Hook Entertainment also announces that we will not tolerate the act of defamation and damage to its artists due to speculation in respect of it and we will undertake legal actions through our legal representative.


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