Horrifying moment parents trick son into eating pet catfish

A horrifying video of a little boy sobbing his eyes out after his parents told him that he is eating his beloved pet catfish for dinner has shocked viewers around the world.

The poor Indonesian boy’s mum shared the footage on TikTok on June 3 and it has since racked up an astonishing 691,000 views.

Local media reported that the boy’s father had explained to him that his fish had passed away and that his mum had turned it into a tasty dish.

The video shows how the little lad bursts into tears and blubbers as he asks to see his pet’s grave.

The parents told the little boy his pet catfish had died. Source: CEN/Australscope

But his mum points to the fried fillet of fish on his plate and explains to him again that they are eating his pet for dinner.

He looks down at his half-eaten plate and then grabs what remains of his beloved pet and holds it close to his face while letting out an agonized wail of sorrow.

Some viewers said they found the boy’s response to be heartbreaking.

While others — shockingly — claimed to find it funny.

“Why am I sad, even though I want to laugh?” one TikTok user commented.

“Oh my god, it’s so funny, but it’s so sad to see,” another wrote.

Man rushed to hospital after fish jumped into his throat

Last month, a man was left fighting for his life after a fish jumped out of the water and into his throat.

Doctors were baffled when the fisherman arrived at the Phatthalung Provincial Hospital in Thailand on May 22 claiming that the scaly animal had jumped inside his mouth.

A team immediately ran an X-ray on the fisherman and found a spiky freshwater Anabas fish lodged between his throat and nasal cavity.

The 12.7cm-long fish with sharp spikes was eventually removed during surgery.


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