How and where to see Louis Tomlinson’s concert and documentary?

Louis Tomlinson surprised his fans when he announced his festival “Away From Home” will be streaming and will not only present itself concert, who will present a documentary about how the event was done and will include backstage access.

“Look to Louis Tomlinson as he embarking on his most ambitious project to date, the Festival Away From Home 2021. Following the launch of its 2020 world tour, Louis has announced plans to launch his own free event in London for celebrate the return of live music in the United Kingdom”, Signifies the description of the event.

“Directed by Charlie Lightening and with unprecedented access, it is an intimate documentary that shows Louis Tomlinson and his team as they plan and prepare for this transcendental event. From the initial planning, until the day of the show, and including unnecessary behind -the -scenes images, ”he added.

How and where to watch “Away From Home” by Louis Tomlinson?

Louis Tomlinson’s “Away From Home” festival took place last August 30, in London. However, those who do not live in the United Kingdom can enjoy it streaming from September 4 and will be available until the 6th.

Access is through the Veeps platform, also where you can purchase access to the virtual experience orchestrated by the One Direction exintegrant.

Entries have a cost of 15 pounds sterling, which is equivalent to 415 Mexican pesos.


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